Many clients who contact me for counselling feel that they are stuck somehow.

I don't know what it is like for you: Maybe you are just looking around a bit on my website and find out about this relatively new possibility to get psychological support at short notice and in an uncomplicated way.

Or perhaps you feel burdened by one or more situations in your life for which you do not yet see a clear solution.

Sometimes you have the desire to change something, but you do not know how and where to start.

For example, when you are in a partnership where tensions are always arising.

In such a case you might ask yourself whether you should change something about yourself, your expectations or your behaviour.

Or you might consider changing daily routines in your partnership in a positive way or getting your partner to come to a couple counselling session. 

If you have already lost the motivation to invest in problem solving, you may be looking for a good way to leave the relationship.

These three ways of dealing with a problematic situation can also be applied to many other areas of your life:

1. change something about yourself

2. change something about the external situation, or

3. getting out of the situation.

People who seek psychological support have generally been trying for a longer period of time to achieve a positive change - or at least they have desired one. In their imagination they have alternately juggled with one or the other approach to a solution or a combination of them.

And those who have been in such an inner back and forth for a long time may have the feeling of being stuck, going round in circles and coming up with the same handful of ideas over and over again, which are not put into practice after all ...

This may also be because nothing really feels like a coherent or feasible solution. As a result, you may lack the drive and clarity to act. And over time this can lead to frustration and deadlock.  If this phase of stagnation or indecision lasts longer, the inner pressure can increase. 

Perhaps something of what I have just mentioned also describes your current situation. In this case, you have probably accumulated a certain amount of tension, which can manifest itself as exhaustion or depression, anxiety, sleep problems or psychosomatic symptoms.

And such a state of mind is of course not a good starting point for thinking about what might be the best next step in relation to the problem.

So the point is to get back - with or without psychological counselling - to a state in which one feels confident, clear and capable of acting.

For most of you it will be clear: a stuck system needs input to get back into flow and to a higher energy level.

And there are a lot of really good tools for this. Practically all of them have to do with taking your attention away from the problem situation for a while and letting go of all efforts to find a solution.

Sports, yoga, dancing, making music, doing something creative are good examples of this.

As is well known, this gives our entire system on the physical, emotional and mental level the possibility to re-regulate and reset itself.

In doing so, the contraction we have been in is released and something like psycho-emotional expansion takes place. One feels more relaxed, more "spacious".

And from this new state of mind often comes a new perception of oneself and oneĀ“s environment, a more optimistic thinking and more constructive action. This means that the inner resources are now available again.

An uncomplex tool that you can use at any time to reset yourself is meditation. All you need is a little time and a quiet, undisturbed place. Whether you prefer a breath meditation, a mantra meditation or a guided relaxation meditation - all of them are suitable to get you out of your thoughts. Back to "yourself", your higher wisdom.

Practically any kind of meditation promotes relaxation and recuperation and helps to clear your mind.

Meditating may not present you with a specific solution for your subject. However, it can create good conditions for you to regain a more assured feeling for your best next step.

An easy and pleasant introduction could be, for example, a guided meditation on Youtube. If you feel like it, just give it a try.

I wish you in any case that you find good solutions for yourself and I am looking forward to seeing you again on my website.