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Dorothee Guldner

Graduate Psychologist
Psychological Psychotherapist
CBT, ACT and Systemic Solutions
Couple Counselling

  • Encouraging & liberating perspectives

  • Solution- and growth-oriented

  • Crisis intervention: quick help in tricky situations

  • Get guidance from the spiritual level

  • Telephone or Video call from the comfort of your home

  • Flexible time & location

  • Arrange appointments at short notice

  • Weekend sessions possible

The advantages of psychological online counselling are obvious:

Each one of us can find ourselves in a situation that takes us to the limits of our own resilience and current coping skills. Those who do not feel mentally ill despite this pressure may hesitate to seek professional help. In addition, there are the many who experience chronic lack of time and general overload. And then there are those who often have to travel professionally. To be put on a waiting list or to additionally plan the effort of the journey for an on-site therapy / consultation is a further inhibition threshold here. You need help now and without large expenditure.

In such situations it is obvious to use the advantages of a professionally founded psychological online consultation at short notice and from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you.

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New on the Blog

How my consultations are inspired:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy & Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Identifying beliefs that produce painful experiences and replacing them with those that are the foundation of self-empowerment and freedom.

Systemic Therapy

Why your symptoms make sense and may not be the problem but the (temporary) solution - and how to find better solutions.

Depth Psychology & Transpersonal Psychology

Going beyond the limiting identification with the mind and body and gaining a more comprehensive, spiritual view of oneself, one's existence and its larger context; recognizing unconscious and higher dimensions of one's self and remembering one's connection with the source of all being.

Telepathic Counselling

Using information communicated at the subliminal level by the client (or his Higher Self). These can be received telepathically and empathically and made accessible to the conscious understanding of the client.


Utilizing the universal, archetypal imagery and symbolic language of the Tarot, rooted in the individual as well as the collective subconscious, through intuitive interpretation. Use the Tarot as a source of information from the client´s subconscious or their higher, spiritual aspects.

My methods are perspectives and healing approaches that have proven to be effective in my personal life as well as my professional work for understanding and solving problems.

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