dorothee guldner ueber michI am a certified Psychological Psychotherapist with a focus on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. My clinical work also benefited from a three-year training in Systemic Therapy (Heidelberg and Weinheim) as well as further training in trauma therapy, hypnosystemic approaches, NLP and familiarizing myself with psychodynamic and depth psychological approaches.buch natur wasser

Always spiritually interested and medially inclined, my focus of interest shifted more and more to the energetic and spiritual causes of psychological problems. In my private life and in a multitude of seminars and workshops I have been engaged in energetic healing methods for many years. I visited spiritual healers, psychic channelling mediums and shamans, studied with them, learned from them and worked on clearing and releasing my own old burdens. I refined my own approach to spiritual healing. Working energetically on myself and acknowledging my own ability to receive information from a more subtle, spiritual level beyond the five physical senses and the mental system naturally led to a further activation of my psychic abilities.

After working for many years in the public health system, among others in a psychosomatic clinic (Mannheim), a psychiatric clinic for adults (Heidelberg), a clinic for child and youth psychiatry (Heidelberg), as a resident psychotherapist in two different group practices and, finally, in my own health insurance practice, I took stock in the course of a so-called sabbatical year and decided to continue in a different way.

I wanted to create a suitable platform to offer those methods and combinations of treatment in which I see the greatest potential for healing and which correspond most to who I am. I felt the desire to work in a greater scope than before across methods, flexibly and following my intuition. It was obvious to me that in view of the wide range of different personalities, interests and needs of my clients and patients, a greater variety of methods and thus individualized treatment offerings would be appropriate.

No matter where you are coming from and where you are heading on your own adventure journey, I am confident that you will find useful resources in my practice. Whether you see yourself as a more rational, down-to-earth person, as an imaginative emotional person or as spiritually interested - I enjoy connecting with you on any of those levels and sharing my psychological tools (and more) with you.

paarberatung dorothee guldner
My invitation: Come as you are, make yourself comfortable with your favourite tea and pet and meet me in the unique space that is our common intersection.

With a degree in English (University of Hamburg) and a "Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English" I can offer all services in fluent English.