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If you have become curious, here is a small selection of methods that influence my work with clients. These are perspectives and healing approaches that have proven effective in my personal life as well as professional work for understanding and solving problems:
Cognitions (thoughts, ideas, expectations, etc.) directly influence how we feel emotionally and physically and how we act.

ACT, one of the more recent developments in CBT, combines classical behavioural techniques with mindfulness and acceptance-based strategies.

The large number of systemic intervention approaches currently in use has emerged from systems theory, social constructivism, communication theory and many other theoretical foundations. Many models are also significantly influenced by psychoanalysis, Gestalt therapy

Depth Psychology is a collective term for all psychological and psychotherapeutic approaches to observation and healing that attach great importance to unconscious mental processes.

Transpersonal psychology has its roots in various schools of psychology such as psychoanalysis, depth psychology, humanistic psychology and many others as well as in philosophical, religious and spiritual views of life.

In counselling my clients I also use, among many other things, the information that is made available to me from our higher levels of consciousness.

Tarot work is an excellent way to access all issues described under "Services" – and more.

Disclaimer of liability

I hereby expressly point out that my services do not constitute a substitute for a possibly required detailed diagnosis and / or on-site psychotherapy, outpatient or inpatient, or drug treatment. It is the responsibility of my clients to inform me about any existing or pre-existing physical or mental illnesses and/or medication so that I can assess whether the service I am offering here, is suitable and sufficient for them.

I accept no responsibility for the success or consequences of the implementation of advice. Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect, will therefore be rejected.

My consulting services are only intended for persons of legal age and unrestricted legal capacity.