schmetterling wasser

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes the lucky ones from the unlucky ones?

Of course, there are many different answers to this question. Here, I would like to address some findings from the field of neuropsychology, which are often utilized in mental training, cognitive behaviour therapy and many other areas.

Do you know the situation - your head is constantly rattling and not necessarily productive, constructive or philanthropic? It's annoying, but how do you get out of the barrage of thoughts and associative digressions? Like a kittycat  that hashes after everything that moves, the unfocused "kittycat-mind" follows every stimulus, no matter how insignificant.

Many clients who contact me for counselling feel that they are stuck somehow.

I don't know what it is like for you: Maybe you are just looking around a bit on my website and find out about this relatively new possibility to get psychological support at short notice and in an uncomplicated way.

Today I invite you, if you like, to look inside yourself and ask yourself: Is it okay for me to feel less than neutral or good? Perhaps your answer is: No, it is not okay for me.

Then it would be interesting to explore how many role models you have had in your life who have accepted every feeling without reservation, without judging or avoiding it. Not many, probably. Maybe no one.

A little fun exercise:

Decide that "fate", "the universe" or "God" should decide what is right for you. Take any coin and assign one of the options to either side. Decide that the coin decision is binding for you, like a "verdict of God". You will implement this verdict whether you like it or not.

Finding your gut decision with fun, mindfulness and self-observation

It is one of our everyday small or bigger challenges: Some decision has to be made and we have the impression that both options are equally attractive - we cannot make up our minds.

For example, you've tried on a few dresses during your shopping trip and you particularly like two of them. Do you take the green or the blue one? Some of us resolve the conflict by simply buying both.