A little fun exercise:

Decide that "fate", "the universe" or "God" should decide what is right for you. Take any coin and assign one of the options to either side. Decide that the coin decision is binding for you, like a "verdict of God". You will implement this verdict whether you like it or not.

Here is the fun part: Now observe exactly what is going on inside you. Do you feel a kind of hope that France is on top? Or a slight trepidation that France might - once again - be on your itinerary? Or are your thoughts wandering longingly to the cliffs of the Welsh coastline, to Avalon and Merlin, to Glastonbury, Loch Ness, the thermal springs of Bath and you think "if not now - when?“ Does melancholy creep into your mind when you imagine that you won't be able to climb the stormy heights of northern Scotland this summer either?

Pay attention to your body feeling and your thoughts, even before you flip the coin and as soon as you have received "the verdict". Do you feel relief or disappointment? Did you feel a small change in your breathing just when you saw the top of the coin? A slightly deeper breath, a small sigh of relief? Or rather a tightening of the breath, a slight flattening?

Our body reactions are the surest indicator of our true needs. Our body is inextricably connected with the deepest layers of our psyche, indeed, it embodies in its specific language of expression, the answers of our own higher intelligence. This means that you already "know" which of the options described attracts you more.

So all you need is a clear question (here: "From which holiday do I benefit the most, overall?") a coin and a careful observation of your physical and emotional reactions. A contraction in your abdomen or solar plexus means: you would rather not have that. Even the slightest relaxation in your belly, solar plexus or chest area means: Yes, this is more suitable for me! You become aware of what you prefer by experiencing agreement or resistance to the "verdict". The good thing about the coin oracle is that you commit yourself to a decision and thus escape a lengthy and possibly unproductive ping-pong game of your thoughts. You are now more inclined to explore this one option thoroughly and really feel what your more subtle reactions to it are. This "provocation test" brings to the surface what is already present in your subconscious.

Remember that everything has its time. There is a time to relax and a time to discover new things. Regenerating and stabilizing yourself can be exactly what you need at a time and what you should allow yourself in terms of self-care. And it may be that your higher knowledge shows you that after a period of stagnation, fresh impulses for growth are needed for your further development, that you should leave your comfort zone and move out into the stretching zone. In this case, your current or medium-term time quality has to do with challenge through new things.

Now that you see that the decision "France or U.K." is by no means represented fifty-fifty in your subconscious but that there is a more or less clear preference, you can stop playing. And prepare your vacation concretely. The one you really want, no matter what the coin oracle said. You decide. In real life (unlike in the simplistic example above) our experiences rarely fall into such simple categories. We can go lounging and hiking, go on a round trip and stay a few days in a beautiful place. Our experiences can be a mixture of comfort zone and stretching zone. And there is always a third possibility that we have not yet thought of. Mostly many more.

For simple questions like "which dress do I take", "which movie fits my constitution today" or "would I rather have holiday A or B?" the “coin verdict” is very well suited to call up (provoke) the answer of our system and make it accessible to the mind.

And if after this exercise it is still not clear what you prefer: decide that "fate", "the universe" or "God" should decide what is right for you - and actually follow the coin's recommendation. You cannot do anything "wrong". Trust helps here.

Of course there are much more complex decision situations with much greater consequences. Here it is obvious to use more complex means of decision making. What you need in this case is an idea of what sort of experiences the one or other decision is likely to bring you in the short, medium and long term.

Such a differentiated and complex medium of communication with the subconscious / Higher Self is for example the Tarot. I prefer to work with the "Universal Waite Tarot Deck". With 78 very different cards, each of which has several levels of meaning and can appear in a vast number of combinations, your feelings and unconscious knowledge about the choices you are considering can be reflected in great detail. The Tarot can also show you other options that your conscious mind has not yet considered.

If you are interested in a Tarot Reading with me: Regardless of what you or I see in the cards, in the end the only thing that should count for your decisions is your (gut) feeling.